Java API Best Practices slides from Devoxx Poland 2018

I've just presented the Java API Best Practices presentation at Devoxx Poland. The presentation is similar to the one I presented last week at, but in my opinion is much improved based on community feedback and additional time to iterate. There was also a far larger audience today, with around 650 attendees compared with around 100 last week at I also think generally the presentation went better (despite the stress of a much larger audience), so I look forward to sharing the video of this presentation once it becomes available.

Below I've posted a few photos I received from my Twitter stream, and of course you can download the slides for your reference. Even if you read through the slides from last week (and there were 4200+ downloads at last check!), I suggest you consider downloading this latest slide deck and deleting the old version :-)

The next time I present this session is at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway, in September. Hopefully by then I will have received even more feedback and I will have an even better slide deck to offer!

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