Java API Design Best Practices

In a slight departure for me, I’m now at the point in my career where I get to reuse slide decks at multiple conferences! Despite this, I always take the opportunity to refine my slides based on feedback and the latest developments in the Java ecosystem. Because of this, I am loath to only make available the latest release of my slide deck, as I think there is some value in seeing the transition of advice over time (to some diehard fan, somewhere). Therefore, I’ve created this page to capture all material related to my ‘Java API Design Best Practices’ presentations. Please try to download the latest version 🙂


Reading slide decks leaves a lot of context behind, as slides don’t have word-for-word text compared to what the speaker is saying. Because of this, I’ve summarised the bulk of my presentation into a DZone Refcard, which you can download in PDF format for easy reading and printing.


Sorted in reverse chronological order (so download the top slide deck):