Unboxing Duke

One does not simply receive a Dukes Choice award - they experience it :-) I've heard in the past from friends who have received the Dukes Choice award in the mail that it is quite a process, so I decided to document the extent of packaging involved in shipping Duke from California to New Zealand...it is, considerable :-)

For those wondering why a Dukes Choice award turned up on my doorstep, I refer you to the announcement that ControlsFX won the award at JavaOne 2017. I am incredibly proud of this project, and as I said then - this is an award for everyone involved.

Here's the unboxing of Duke:

Duke arrives in a very big, wooden box.

Which contains bubbles and a smaller, cardboard box.

The smaller box, extracted out of the larger one.

which contains more air bubbles.

Underneath the air bubbles, Duke is bubble wrapped.

A fair amount of packaging for little old Duke.

Duke surveying his new home.

Pippa gets her turn with Duke.

Henry takes Duke for a tour of the yard.

Duke moving in to my office next to my JavaOne Rockstar award.

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