Want a job at Sun working on JavaFX?

So, my team at Sun has an opening for a guru in rich-text user interface controls. This is a big project and it's getting a huge push. As detailed in the job spec:

This is a software staff engineering position requiring the ability to design, test, implement and maintain rich-text user interface controls. The person in this role is expected to identify areas for improvement and modification of Sun's platform products and contribute to Sun's overall product strategy. This person will work closely with others within the team and across teams to accomplish project objectives. May assume a leadership role in projects, including such activities as leading projects, participator in product planning and technology evaluation and related activities. May use technical leadership and influence to negotiate product design features or applications, both internally, and with open source groups as needed.

We really want to get this position filled now, so if you are keen, or know someone that is keen - apply! Working in the JavaFX team, and of course in particular the team I'm in, is a great deal of fun, and you get to work with people who really are smart and enthused about what they're doing. You'll learn a lot, and get to really sink your teeth into a growing technology and platform. Of course, the thrill of seeing your code used around the world is a pretty cool thing too.

So, if you have what we need, apply today, and I look forward to working with you!

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