JavaFX Presentation Slides

As I mentioned a few times on Twitter in the last few weeks, I presented at my old university (Massey University) last week. The presentation was 2 hours long, but I still had to keep my slide deck relatively brief. I thought that perhaps the slide deck might be useful to other people, so I have decided to post it up here.

A few notes though:

  • It's in Powerpoint format. I don't 'do' Mac.
  • It's in Powerpoint 2007 format.
  • Ok ok! I hear the squeals of pain already, so I have created a Powerpoint 2003 format version, but I'm too scared to see what broke, so use it at your own risk.
  • Don't bother running through the slides in the editor, there's too much clutter - you need to actually run the presentation. I went with the animation-foo approach. Prepare to be wowed.
  • If the media doesn't play around about slide 10, then you're obliged to either manually run the .flv file, or go to YouTube to watch it before proceeding.

Given the complaints that I received immediately (What?! You Mac folk don't like being ignored?), I have done the following:

  • I have created a PDF file of the slide deck without the animations and a slightly edited layout to make most of the information visible.
  • Steven Herod created a Keynote slide deck and a Quicktime video, although the quality of the presentation is less than what is shown when using Powerpoint, so use this only if you need to.

So, I hope that it helps. Enjoy (or complain verbosely in the comments section).

Standard disclaimer: Oracle hasn't pre-approved this message. I wrote what I think I know. It may be entirely untrue. JavaFX may in fact run on top of rainbow-farting unicorns.

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