JavaFX Node Bounds: I don't get it

I'm happy to admit it when I don't get something. The situation with boundsInLocal, layoutBounds, and boundsInParent in JavaFX is one of these situations. I have read a number of articles discussing this topic, and whilst I understand the differences between the three values technically, I don't think I've seen an article that tells me why I need all three values, and when I should choose one over the other.

So, please, can someone out there write a blog post and/or add a comment to this post to explain to me, and to others, why I need to care about these three different values. If you do write a separate blog post, please leave a comment here so that anyone who stumbles upon this blog post in 6 months time can follow through to any other discussions elsewhere.

Most importantly, keep it simple. I know, that's more difficult than being complex and detailed, but for the sake of JavaFX clarity the world over, please keep it simple. We want to know, simply, why and when do I care about the three different values?

Thanks in advance!

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