JavaFX Menubar Released

Just a quick post to let anyone interested know that if you want a 'Caspian-looking' JavaFX menubar control, you can now find the one I was developing recently in the JFXtras project. It has not been included in any official release yet, so if you're keen you'll have to check it out from SVN.

There are a number of deficiencies with it, but certainly as a menubar it is functional. Since starting development on it my focus was on defining a simple API and locking it in. You can see an example of how to build a menubar if you're interested. I'm pretty happy with how the API is now, so as the menubar improves you should feel fairly confident that you won't need to update your code. In other words, please, use /  thrash it and complain loudly (in a nice way) - it's the only way you'll get my attention. You can either email me privately (see contact details to the right), or leave a comment on this blog.

I hope this makes JavaFX a little more 'enterprisey'. Hopefully soon we can have a number of extra JavaFX controls for people (like me) who build enterprise software.

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