I just thought an update would be good, so I'll quickly outline what I'm up to below:

  • I had surgery on my left arm last week. It is now out of the plaster cast and in a splint. I am completely one-handed at the moment, and probably for the next few months. The surgery was a tendon-transfer, i.e. attaching working tendons to parts of my hand that didn't work due to the nerve damage further up my arm. Now my thumb has a new tendon pulling it up, and all four fingers share a new tendon. Lots of physio is my future.
  • I'm working on the Centruflow 3.1 release, which despite this delay and subsequent slow down, is still on target for a mid-September release. Cliche I know, but this release will be the best ever - and by far the most complete - we're putting a lot of emphasis on the things surrounding the software, such as documentation, help systems, online customer support systems, improved legal structures, etc. Of course, at the same time the software has come on leaps and bounds since our last 6-monthly release (3.0) in March at CeBIT.
  • Centruflow Ltd purchased me a new top of the line Dell XPS laptop, which took me a while to migrate over to, but has considerably helped in developing Centruflow. The wife happily took ownership of my last laptop, a still-decent Dell Inspiron.

I think that's the main gist of things.

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