I've been pretty quiet on this site recently, and for that I apologise - I've been working full-on on Centruflow leading up to CeBIT in Germany. Well, right now I am in Germany at CeBIT, and Centruflow is getting a lot of interest and positive feedback.

Of course there is always more to do, but CeBIT has really helped clarify what needs doing, and what is most important to customers.

I make no claims at being any kind of photographer, but my photos are available to see no longer available - sorry! They are all a little blurry as I have scaled them down to be web friendly, and to be fair, were mostly taken whilst I was walking. Maybe they may be enjoyable to some people (not least my family).

Anywho, busy few days just been, busy few days ahead, so I'm turning in. Today I met Pete Hodgson (New Zealand's MP for research and science, among many things), and tomorrow is New Zealand day, so things have been hectic. Time for sleep.

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