Dell, and how not to create online forms for addresses

I just purchased a new Dell laptop. I quite like Dell, but their online process leaves a little to be desired, as shown in the image below:

Why are there only four 'State and Country' options, those being Auckland, Christchurch, Rotorua (?) and Wellington? I conveniently don't belong to any of those 'states', although I do live in Palmerston North, which is located in New Zealand.

I actually had to ring Dell up, wait on their phone system for 10 minutes, and then be told "I always tell people Michael Dell didn't study his geography - just choose Wellington". I then asked - how do I specify Palmerston North - she wasn't sure - so I just added it in the line above my suburb.

My order is now being shipped to:

3a Huata Place
Palmerston North
Jonathan Giles-Ph:06 3551198
Wel , New Zealand

Which is some frankenstein city that spans over 200 kilometres. Additionally, my suburb (Riverdale) now subsumes my city (Palmerston North), which are both subsumed by the fact they are apparently located in 'Wel', New Zealand.

Ah well, here's hoping it turns up here...but if anyone sees a lost looking courier in the next few weeks, can you point them my way?

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