Advanced Java

As I think I noted recently, I've been doing study towards a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) certification. It is progressing well, and I'm learning a lot. I really should publish the study notes that I'm hand writing as I learn new things some time...

Anyway, I thought I'd link to a few documents that I have read recently that are quite interesting.

The first document discusses Java generics, introduced in Java 5. Most people get the basics, but there are some interesting issues with generics such as erasure, wildcards, and generics inheritance. This is a very good article to read if you are programming in Java 5 or later (which you should be if at all possible!).

The second article is shorter, but discusses convariant return types, and how Java 5 changes the rules compared with earlier releases. Once again, very interesting if you wonder what the rules are when it comes to overriding methods in Java 5 and later.

Unfortunately I haven't been keeping track of earlier documents, so I have no more links - but I'll try to keep posting any interesting documents here in the future.

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