New Car

Julia and I finally got around to buying a new car, given that we haven't had one since we got married. I've never been a car person, but as soon as I got it I ripped the stereo out and bought a new one, along with two decent speakers for the back (I still need to replace the front two). The old stereo was Japanese, so it would go nowhere near the FM range that I like, nor did it have any means to plug an ipod into (other than tape, which sounded awful). I got myself a decent Panasonic stereo which has a CD player (and it can play CDs/CD-RWs with MP3's on them), and an auxiliary input plug for the ipod.

The car is a Nissan Bluebird Le Grande, and it meets my car criteria (i.e. it can drive me from A to B). We bought it from Turners Auctions, hence their advertising in the photo below. Overall, I'm happy...

Our car

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