Me and CeBIT

Well, for the past few months I have been busily working towards finishing my masters thesis, but a little further away in March of next year, I will be going to the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany. Whilst there I will be part of the Centruflow booth (as part of the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise stand). This is both exciting and daunting, as we will be unveiling Centruflow 3.0* to the world, which is the culmination of over four years of full-on development.

Centruflow is all about visualising your information, turning data into information that you can trust and understand. It sits on top of your datasources and helps to make everyone inside your business more understanding.

And it's New Zealand made. That's pretty cool.

* Being released in March 2008 doesn't mean you can't be part of the fun now though! Get in touch with me if you think Centruflow can help your business, and I'm sure we can sort you out with a beta copy (which I guarantee will be 100% safe on all your data).

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