iPhone or Equivalent, please.

The iPhone has me in its grasp - I find myself immensely wanting one, despite the fact I have never had an Apple product before (so I'm by no means a fan boy). I have for a long time wanted an easy to use portable device with WiFi, such that I can check emails and (optionally) keep in touch with friends on MSN Messenger (my IM of choice). I would barely use it as a phone - it would function simply as a music/video player when I'm travelling, and my gateway to emails/chat with friends and colleagues.

But today Vodafone said no to the iPhone. This means that I could import one from the US and unlock, but that leaves me dubious as to the long-term viability of the iPhone, given the talk of potential 'bricking'. By my rough calculation, one can be purchased from America for $535 ($399US).

The alternative.....well, what are the alternatives? I have tried PDA's and find that they cause me no end of grief - my last one refused to remember the WiFi passwords for networks I frequently use. Is there a good tool for the job I outline above? What are peoples thoughts on importing and using iPhones?

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