Well, this past week I graduated, so it's time to chuck up a few photos. Click on them for bigger versions.

I'm now an official software engineer, having graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Software Engineering. I was also awarded First-Class Honours, and the title of Massey Scholar (which was received by only four engineers, and is awarded to the top 5% at Massey for each college).

Fortunately Palmy's weather was ok - there was only the threat of rain (as is the case any day of the year really!). Walking out of the Regent where the graduation was held was a bit of a shock - a fairly cold wind had set in which resulted in our balloons becoming rather lethal weapons to anyone unfortunate to be down-wind).

Now for the photos:


This photo is taken at the entrance to Massey at about 8:00am - we headed out there early before the crowds and got a heap of photos.


This photo was taken in the Esplanade in Palmy. It's the same place Julia and I got some of our wedding photos taken, and so seeing as we had some free time, we come here to take some photos.


This is me with my supervisor of my research last year on software plugins and this year on the semantic web.

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