I must be a bit of a broken record, but the work this semester so far has been amazingly time consuming. None of it hard, just time consuming. I haven't had much spare time to put my feet up, and its really starting to catch up with me.

I'm looking forward to the end of next week, as that is the end of the first half of the semester. I think we get about two weeks break. Between now and then, I need to finish my Haskell assignment (20% of paper), finish my programming languages report (20% of same paper), write an analysis of the music industry wrt IT/IS (3% of a paper), write up a discussion of problems with the current version of research, draw up use cases to motivate its redevelopment, and give a 30 minute (plus questions) seminar on the Java Plugin Framework.

The joy of fourth year and not having many exams....I think I have one and a half exams this semester for my five papers.

Over the break at this point in time I only have (so far...) to do a report on some application, more of my research, and probably write a few more reports, and sleep.

Hopefully everyone else out there is having a better time!

If anyone wants to hook me up with an xbox 360 (and I'm looking at Paul), I'll more than happily accept it ;), simply for rest and procrastination purposes.


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