Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been at the same time hectic and very lazy. I thought I'd pop on here to bring things up to date.

Firstly, my research into plugins is still progressing really well. I just performed some metrics on my code, and apparently since mid-March I've written 9836 lines of code (which does not include comments and whitespace). Based on my calculations, that's a little under 2000 lines of code a month. Last week alone (when I started a new plugin, so I can easily see the number of lines written), I wrote 1889 lines of code. Taking into consideration I underwent surgery recently on my left hand, this is a pretty decent workload I would say. And yes, I'm willing to stand behind my code - it ain't machine generated or poor-quality :P.

Additionally, the preparations for the wedding are coming along well. Julia and I have basically prepared most things now (invitations, locations, timing, etc). We recently upgraded our photographer to someone far better, and to be honest I'm very excited about this improvement. Julia and I have additionally selected the groomsmens suits, as well as my own. Suit hireage costs have gone up a lot since I last went to a formal ball! But ah well, a wedding is a wedding, its all about showing off the guys looking good and being well-groomed :P.

So that explains the 'hectic' part. The lazy part is due to the fact that I have long spells - up to weeks at a time - where I get very little work done. This means that frequently stuff just doesn't happen until far later than it really should. I put it down to mainly getting far too engrossed in my plugins work - and then getting sick of any work in general.

Anyway, I guess I should plug the MS Student day in Wellington which I was emailed about (so probably all Massey guys already know this):

SUMMARY: This is a day of demonstrations of the latest in the IT
industry, plus IT career related sessions for all tertiary students.
Register today to secure your spot at this free event and to get win
some awesome prizes on the day.

DETAILS: Microsoft Student Day is invaluable for students studying
Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information
Management and Information Technology.

This year's event promises to be better than ever with a host of
national and international speakers and IT professionals lined up to
talk to you about what's new in the IT industry. Find out how to land
your first job and spend time playing on the latest Xbox 360.

Come along and see the latest technical demonstrations from leaders in
the IT industry and an exclusive preview on our latest products.

Listen to our external IT career Partners and ask questions during the
Ask The Industry session and find out what leading IT organisations are
looking for in graduates and how you can advance your career.

And if that isn't enough. You will be in to win some awesome prizes,
including Philips LCD TVs, Navman Navigation Systems, Xbox 360s along
with loads of software and hardware from Microsoft.

VENUE: Museum Building, Massey University, Wellington
DATE: 8 September 2006
DURATION: 1pm - 6pm



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