So where does everyone stand?

Based on my discussion with Waylon earlier in this blog, it would be interesting to find out what areas of computing people find themselves interested in. The more replies the better, especially from the other student ambassadors.

For me, I'm certainly on the software developer end. I enjoy learning interesting languages, and doing cool stuff with them. I like tackling new and difficult problems, all through the software spectrum, from server software to client software. I have yet to write mobile software, but I don't take particular interest in that area anyway. In terms of my future, I really don't know what particular area I want to focus on. I think that as long as I'm given a relatively large amount of freedom in designing software, I'll be happy. I think of software as art, in that you know when you do a redesign or add a new feature if there is a better way or not. I always strive for that nicer painting that I can see . With my fiancee being a vet student, I have plenty of time to work continue to do postgrad study if I want, and that is something that interests me, either to the masters or Ph D level.

Software comes pretty easily to me, I've had no struggles at Massey in terms of grades, and all it comes down to is how my brain works and what interests it. Thus, I'm interested in how your brain works, and what keeps you interested in your world, both computers and everywhere else.

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