Intro to my research

This year my degree, as Rowan said, has basically changed from 'Software Engineering' to 'Software Documentation'. I am living within my preferred text editor, writing case precis/analysis, reports on programming languages, work reports about my summer work, and research proposals.

On the topic of research, I found an article online yesterday that is really cool. It's here:

Yes, it is a rather geeky topic, but if anyone wants to understand what I'm doing, that gives a relatively good introduction, if you know the basics of eclipse or the RCP aspect of eclipse. The document gives all the benefits of why I'm doing this for my research.

My research is titled "Refactoring Centruflow Into Patterns". So, Centruflow is an application I develop, refactoring means making changes whilst still maintaining the same public interface (generally), but what does the "into patterns" part mean?

It means presently the Centruflow code base is using very few of them, and I want more and better. Right now Centruflow is like MS Word in code design - it's one gigantic system. I want it to become a plugin system, looking more like the Eclipse application, which is entirely built up of separate bundles of code, or plugins.

Once again, the benefits are listed on the articles page, but for me it seems to be a way to improve code quality, and that's very important if I want this system to work into the future.

Ah well, I think my discussions my be getting a bit outside the scope of what spaces.msn is for , so I think I'll leave it there.

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