First day

Well, Microsoft were here today. They gave a presentation to anyone that wanted to come along, which was all very good. Lots of stuff given out, and plenty of interest.

So much so in fact that the lecturers asked the presenters to do the presentation again in their lecture times. Therefore, we did another presentation in the afternoon to all first year engineering and technology students. Tomorrow we are presenting to all second years doing these courses.

This is likely to mean we will cancel the afternoon presentation for tomorrow, so don't presume that it is on. If you want to come along, you may as well (if you can) come along to the 159.201 lecture at 9 tomorrow in the refectory down in the Arts area of Massey. Yes, 9AM on a Friday - how dedicated are you? Tell me you read this and we'll sort you out a prize if you aren't a second year



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