Arm Operation is Nigh!

Yup, my arm operation is pretty much exactly in a week, so the countdown begins.

Basically, the operation is on my left arm around about my elbow. I already have a scar there from a previous operation, so that will be reopened and extended, as well as I'll be having another cut running parallel to that a few cm's to the left. The aim of the operation is to try and find anything putting pressure on a branch of my radial nerve called the posterior interosseus nerve. Basically this nerve is responsible for lifting up the fingers, which is something that has progressively become harder for me, and its now at the point of being all fingers, and basically no lift at all in any of them.

After my last operation there was a slight improvement, but it was clearly not fixed completely as it continued to get worse after that. In all likelihood the overall problem wasn't fixed, with the nerve being moved but then falling back into it's previously entrapped state. Hopefully this operation coming up will do a better job of fixing this.

So, I'm sorry to say you'll all be deprived of my rantings on the state of plugin architectures and my pending wedding. I'm sure you'll all cope :P.

Finally, I must thank the Dickinson family for donating to my arm operation fund, which was very, very much appreciated. The contribution was significant, and it has considerably reduced the cost of my operation (which as I mentioned isn't cheap thanks to the costs associated with private medical practices - I'm on the waiting list for the public system, but there is a large amount of mucking around in this system - like when I had my last operation I was rung the day it was due and told that it was delayed. There is also the added benefit of being able to schedule the operation for the break between semesters).

I'll probably post again before my operation, but wish me luck :)



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