Hi there – I’m Jonathan. I’m Principal Java Architect at Microsoft. Before this I was a Cloud Developer Advocate for Java at Microsoft, and before that I was a technical lead in the Java team at Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corp for nine years. I contribute to open source, most notably OpenJDK and the Azure SDK for Java. I take immense pride in having my code deployed on almost every computer on the planet. I am passionate about creating excellent developer experiences with considered API design, documentation, testing, and tooling. I have toured the world extensively to present and write on these topics, and as a result I am a Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, and a Duke’s Choice award-winner.

My professional bio is on LinkedIn. I tweet occasionally on Twitter. Nearly everything I do is on GitHub. My email is always open at jonathan@jonathangiles.net.

Java Champion, Dukes Choice Award Winner, and JavaOne Rockstar